Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Kane & Mum

Hi Paul

Glad Sarah is back home - hope you are succeeding in making her rest!

Kane is still doing well and is a great favourite with everyone he meets - except when covered in fox poo, which he has recently discovered. A few weeks ago, he found he could swim - sadly, immediately beforehand he found out that duckweed bears only a superficial resemblence to grass!  He looked so pathetic, soaking wet and swimming madly to the side of the lake.  He went in off a fishing stand so I had to haul him out.

When I am away overnight for football, he's been staying with Jan, one of the 2 walkers who take him out if I'm busy - he peed on her carpet the first time, but has since learnt where he is allowed to go!  He's also done a couple of overnights in kennels (before he was fully house trained) and was a great favourite there as well - he seemed to enjoy the experience, but then he does love other dogs.

I'm attaching a few photos of him, including one with his special friend Archie - I have loads more on my phone as Jan can't resist taking photos of him and sending them to me - and her friends.  A couple of months ago, I was having coffee up at Alexandra Palace when a woman I'd never met exclaimed "I've got a photo of that dog on my phone".  Turned out she was a friend of Jan's who'd received a pic of "this lovely dog".  Do you want me to text some of the phone photos - don't think the quality is good enough for email.


Today was a red letter day - he jumped into the car under his own steam - I've had to lift him in up to now

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