Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Jerry & family

Dear Sarah &  Paul ,

thought id write you a quick letter to let you know how im getting on . On Sunday (15th May  2011) it will be a year since i was adopted and left Wiccaweys with my new family.

Im very happy and am having a lovely time with lots of walks and cuddles .

My Mum and Dad spoil me rotten and my Special brother Tom (if you remember he is Autistic ) makes sure i have plenty of exercise . We play ball together all the time infact hes always raiding my toy box and pinching my favourite toys but then again im always pinching his slippers !!!

I have two favourite places one is Sherwood pines forest and the other is the Seaside . I Iove running around the forest with Tom and chasing the squirrels and the Sea is great ,  i love swimming . 

I was chosen from Wiccaweys because i'm so special and because my family needed the right kind of friend for Tom, we get on so well but i understand that when Tom needs space and time out i need to go out of the way and play on my own for a while .

I am now 18 mths old and mum and dad are so pleased with me because i'm such a good boy always coming back to the lead and always sit down and wait before i cross the road they are always telling me how proud they are of me because im such a well behaved boy.

Thank you again for helping me to find my forever home and please keep up the good work in helping lots of dogs like me.

You and your helpers  are such special people

Must go now, my tennis ball is calling !!!!!!

lots of love


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