Thursday, 12 May 2011

Letter from Patch & family

Hi Sarah,

We are so glad that you are on the mend.  Thank you for sending Patch's paperwork, we have received it.  We will give Patch a kiss from both yourself and Paul.

Patch is growing so much, and brings us both so much joy and laughter, he is hillarious, I can't remember life without him (goodness it must have been dull) LOL...  We love him soooo much he is our baby

I have attached a couple of photos I have on my phone, I have a video of him as well and will forward that to you when I have uploaded it onto my laptop.

We will keep you updated and if there are any Wiccey days this year where some of the Wiccey doggies get together please let us know as Matthew and I would love to come along.

Many Thanks again

Caroline White


  1. Aww Patch you are gorgeous!! We have Frank (known as Basil at Wiccs) you're brother and he is just as hilarious and full of mischief. Hopefully we will meet up with you may be at the Wiccs show

  2. Caroline White20 May 2011 at 15:18


    I am so glad you have got in touch, we have often wondered how Basil (Frank) is. How is the little monster, we have nick named patch as magpie as he seems to enjoy steeling socks and dish clothes and basically anything he can get to, he is so funny. He also loves to play tuggy toy.

    Do you know when the Wiccs show is, we would love to re-unite the boys and go to the Wiccs show.

  3. Hi

    We are so glad you have got in contact, we have often wondered how Basil (Frank) is.

    It would be lovely to re-unite the two brothers. Do you know when the Wiccs show is? we would love to come along. Patch loves to play, especially tuggy toy LOL.